The other Cilento

The Cilento is not only sea, its beauty is not limited by the popular coastal line that annually attracts thousands of tourists, but it is much more: a land to discover, rich in places almost magical linked to myths and legends, where survived costumes and uses of ancient times; a land that seems suspended in time, made of perched villages, unspoilt natural beauty, ancient forests and clear streams.

The origins of Laureana Cilento

The origins of the name remain still uncertain, some historical sources would date Laureana to “Laure“, the cells inhabited by Byzantine monks, religious communities from the east who inhabited the area between the sixth and tenth centuries, others, more simply, to Latin “Laurus“, the laurel tree, that has always been widespread in Cilento.

Today Laureana Cilento retains visible traces of its Lombard and medieval origins, from Castellum Lauri, built by Count Guido in the late ninth century to counteract the attacks of Saracen pirates who had captured Agropoli, the numerous palaces belonged to the feudal lords that followed over the centuries, the beautiful churches such as the chapel of the Annunciation (1328), the Sanctuary of Acquasanta (ca. 1600), famous for its “miraculous spring”, Santa Maria del Paradiso (1520) and the imposing monastery of San Francesco.

Walking through the narrow alleys of the village you can have the sensation of hearing even the echo of the voices of the many famous people, the counts Del Mercato, Cagnano and Sanfelice, great characters that helped establish Laureana Cilento among the most important of the Barony of Cilento.

Laureana in myth: Luisa Sanfelice

Laureana Cilento is strictly connected with the history of one of the most discussed and fictional female characters of all time: Luisa Sanfelice, the protagonist of the famous novel by Alexandre Dumas.

The legend tells that in 1767, the mother of Louise, travelling to Naples from Sicily, was seized by labour pains, found shelter at the Sanfelice, with her relatives in Laureana, who at the time resided in the feudal palace, and gave birth to Luisa.

Discover the beauty of Laureana Cilento

Villa Aurora is one of the facilities belonging to the Common Hospitality Association “Borghi of Laureana Cilento”, created by the will of a small group of local businessmen with the aim to promote, enhance and promote tourism, traditions and culture of our land.